Price Match Guarantee

Get the Lowest Price Available with Truxxx's Price Match Guarantee!

Truxxx is so dedicated to our customers that we now offer a Price Match Guarantee. Not only do we believe we offer the highest quality Suspension Lift and Level Kits but we also believe our customers deserve the best there is. With a Lifetime Warranty and Free Shipping Truxxx is guaranteed to be your go to for lift and leveling kits. Now with Price Matching, we make it even easier for you to become part of the Truxxx Team!

Price Match Policies:

  • You must provide a valid product including but not limited to, lift height, front, rear, or front and rear kits, product material (ie plastic vs metal), included accessories, wholesale vs public pricing, and other pertinent information.
  • You must provide a valid link to the product including the price. Screenshots or documents will not be accepted. It must be a live product currently being sold.
  • We have the right to refuse price matching on incompatible or ineligible products.

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    Enter in the url and product price that you want us to match.

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