Return Policy

You may return ANY Truxxx product within 30 days of the purchase date for a FULL REFUND of the original purchase price less freight. (Your purchase price includes a small freight charge which is not refunded). 

***Installed kits are not available for return – if you have used it and changed your mind consider it the same thing as eating a meal in a restaurant, going home, going to bed for the evening, getting up, having your morning movement and then returning the “meal” in a doggy waste bag.***

Returns are not accepted after 90 days – these returns are subject to a restocking fee – this is 25% plus any outgoing freight costs and only for NEW UNOPENED AND UNUSED kits… (I am sorry you bought 35’s for your Ridgeline and the kit doesn’t work, but seriously….you really should have known better, the problem isn’t us, it is that “keyboard” warrior who said it would work…you know, that guy living in mom’s basement eating Cheetos and who thinks he is an expert because he has read every forum thread posted the last 5 years :-} )

Items without a RGA form and a copy of original sales order or order # will not not be processed…returns without correct info will simply sit in a corner of the warehouse unopened and waiting for the return fairy to show up and magically look through 20 years of order history “trying to line up the part number with the name and address on the shipping label“…if there is no name or address on the shipping label even the magical return fairy will find the return impossible to process…and it will sit in the corner forever collecting dust…

You are responsible for return shipping charges unless other arrangements have been made when getting your RGA number.

Please include all original items in your return shipment – missing pieces will make all returns subject to the above mentioned restocking fees and charges and some incomplete returns may not be eligible for a refund…stories about the dog eating the instructions or the hardware bag or even the strut caps may have worked in Grade 5 when you didn’t do your homework but I was in that class too…my dog was great, it was my sister who flushed my homework down the toilet :-}

No returns accepted after 15 days of your RGA number being created under any circumstances.

Refunds will be applied to the original payment method that was used…if your original payment method is not available to use we have no option but to issue you a credit.

***your bank may require additional processing time to reflect the refund in your account*** 

** Truxxx does not keep credit card #’s on file***

Purchases from Truxxx Dealers or Online Stores: all items purchased from Truxxx Dealers or Online Stores must be returned to those stores in conjunction with that dealer or Online store’s policy.

Warranty and Defective Returns: If you have been issued a warranty replacement part, we may request you return the defective part. In these cases Truxxx will pay for return shipping. If necessary, this procedure will be highlighted further when you’ve submitted a Warranty Claim