2024 Honda Ridgeline TrailSport – 1.5″ Front Leveling Kit – Sway Bar Links Included #202044

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2024 Honda Ridgeline TrailSport AWD

We made our first kit for a HONDA Ridgeline way back in 2006…so we have been making Ridgeline kits for 17 model years….we have customers with there first GEN trucks that had over 400,000 miles with our kit installed!
We make all of our HONDA Ridgeline, Pilot and Passport lift kits to work WITH the stock Honda components, with part # 202044 we do include new sway bar links –  you need SHORTER links with our kit, yes we know, sounds opposite but as soon as you look at the suspension when it is apart it makes perfect sense!
When we made the first Honda Ridgeline lift we learned some valuable things about how the Honda is designed, it is a design philosophy they use on all of there vehicles so with 17 + years of making Honda products, we understand how much engineering they do and we work hard to work with that engineering, to be perfectly honest, we stick to some common engineering philosophy’s and try and make it so the only time you call us is when you get another new Honda truck…make sense?
A BIG part of what we do is to make sure your truck drives like stock…so if you follow the instructions, your truck will drive like stock and perform as long as it would stock in all the same conditions…sun, snow, mud, rain – all the conditions we know that Honda tests their vehicles in, we did our best to try and preserve that spirit in our product testing.

Honda dealers all over North America have installed kits in brand new Ridgelines with ZERO Warranty issues – We made a kit that Honda dealers would install and be confident in delivering your new truck to you with and we did.

We manufactured a kit that works with the Ridgeline’s award winning design to help you make your truck truly your own!

Simply put, like all the kits we make, we focused on things that were important to the discriminating customer….reliability and safety while providing more ground clearance and room for larger wheels and tires!

Installation is simple, the Truxxx Ridgeline TrailSport kit is designed to go in and out in the same length of time as just replacing the struts and sway bar links.

The best reason to use our Ridgeline TrailSport kit is that we engineered it to be everything our first generation Honda Ridgeline kit was, and that kit was good enough that Honda chose our kit to be on their own corporate vehicle for the Honda Motocross team truck.

Every Truxxx 1.5” 2024 Honda Ridgeline TrailSport Lift kit is made with USA or Canadian Mill Certified Steel and laser cut to precision tolerances using OEM drawings.

Each kit is welded using the latest US Made welders and triple checked to ensure proper fitment. Each kit contains two strut mounts, replacement sway-bar links plus all hardware needed and detailed instructions. Recommended installation time is approx 3 hours + alignment and up to a 30.5” tall tire for off road use and is common with a stock style offset (+35 – 40mm) aftermarket wheel.***always test fit wheels and tires as the shape of the Ridgeline/Pilot wheel wells and the strut design is the limiting factor on wheel size, not the size of the lift***

• Designed to retain the stock ride quality! • Aftermarket shocks are NOT required! • Alignment specs included!

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