2005-2023 Toyota Tacoma 4×4 & 2002-2023 Tacoma PreRunner 4×2 (2wd 6 lug chassis)- 2″ Front & 1″ Rear Lift Kit – 2wd & 4×4 #905014

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2005-2023 Toyota Tacoma 2″ lift – 2wd & 4×4


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This Kit Fits:
2005-2023 Toyota Tacoma 4×4 ~ all models except TRD PRO models

2002-2023 Tacoma PreRunner & 4×2 ( the 2WD 6 lug chassis)

The Tacoma is legendary as one of the best, most reliable, hard working trucks EVER built…Toyota set the bench mark for reliability as these things just don’t break…so we did the same – we use real steel to make our parts, we use high chromium steel heavy duty U-bolts and 10.9 hardware….oh ya, we made our kit work with the stock Toyota parts…you know, the stuff that makes Toyota’s reliability legendary!

You can buy anything for a Tacoma, lots of cool looking parking lot bling, lots of shiny parts that look cool and may make you think work better than stock (but don’t) and you can even buy the good stuff….the expensive stuff that works awesome but has a higher maintenance schedule than stock Toyota stuff…

Our parts work with OEM Toyota parts and give you the same kind of lifespan a stock Toyota gets…basically forever (I am kidding…maybe forever less a week) and the truck will work just like it does stock, just with more ground clearance, bigger wheels and tires and a badass look sitting in your driveway!

We spent a lot of time (almost) 20 years ago figuring out Toyota’s…we took them out to the desert, to the trails, up in the mountains and really tried to figure out what worked and didn’t work with the stock truck…reliability is always the forefront of all the parts we make.

We didn’t care about bling, we didn’t care about the parking lot status, we just needed to fit 275/70R17’s and to be able to get anywhere  we needed to go and then we needed to make sure we made it back…all the reasons we bought a Toyota in the first place.

Tacoma stock struts work just fine, the upper control arms will run for almost 100,000 miles in many occasions before the ball joints are worn out, the Tacoma axles are something any GM owner would love to have ( you will got through 4 sets of GM axles to 1 set of Toyota’s) and we LOVE that kind of reliability, it is 100% what we design our kits to work with and one of our core values as a company – we make daily driver parts, parts that keep your Toyota as reliable as it is supposed to be.

We include a diff drop with almost every Toyota kit we make to keep the axles and CV joints in the angles the way Toyota engineer’s wanted.

We make all of our parts out of steel….real North American Steel ~ we expect our parts to last as long as the truck.

We make everything to work WITH the OEM parts because….well because Toyota makes the highest quality parts offered on any vehicle, why would you want to replace them with something made offshore or to a level that Toyota wouldn’t approve of?

We have been making Tacoma kits since 2005…longer than many companies have been around.

Every Truxxx 2” lift kit is Made with USA and Canadian Mill Certified Steel and laser cut to precision tolerances using OEM drawings….we don’t do plastic, we don’t do aluminum…we want the reliability steel offers in all conditions and environments.

Each kit is welded using the latest US Made welders and triple checked to ensure proper fitment.

Each kit contains two strut mounts (including nuts and studs), differential drop, rear blocks and u-bolts plus all hardware needed, detailed instructions and complete alignment specs.

Recommended installation time is approx 3 hours + alignment and 33” tall tires are commonly used on a ‘0’ offset aftermarket wheel.

• Designed to retain the stock ride quality! • Aftermarket shocks are NOT required! • Alignment specs included! •

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