Get 50% Off MSRP for a Limited Time

COVID-19 sucks, it is changing all of our lives every day…seriously, a couple weeks ago it was about not being able to take the kids to Disneyland, you couldn’t fly to the all inclusive in Cancun….that stay-cation that started as a suggestion has now turned into an order in most places and social distancing is now absolutely mandatory for the world to get a handle on this so all of our lives can get back to normal. Like most of you, we have sent people to work from home, there is a skeleton staff in the shop but because it is easy for two people to be in opposite ends of the shop and we can still get steel, we are open albeit in a smaller capacity than usual.

Boredom won’t set in, we have some half finished projects and some new part numbers to finish, but what does hurt is having to watch people have to stay home and not have the money they had to pay the bills or do projects because they are watching there bank account. We put all of our parts on WD pricing to ease the pain, to try and help with the boredom of watching last years sports or home schooling your kids or getting out in the garage just to do something…like you, we aren’t on that beach we want to be on either and for us the shop is full of projects….

Please stay safe, take care of those elderly neighbors and parents who need assistance, and be wise – wash your hands and stay home…seriously, just stay home even if you are not sick!

Make sure to thank all of those risking their health for us – the medical workers, the UPS/FedEX/USPS drivers, the truck drivers getting supplies to the grocery stores, the grocery store workers, the pharmacists, the internet and cable employees allowing our internet to work in these times and EVERYONE going to work everyday to make sure people can have food and water. ..stay safe and find something to smile about everyday…remember we are all locked at home and practicing social distancing for the safety of our planet. Together we can overcome this.

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